CargoMate - one device,
one dashboard, one system

Bogerd Martin and Intelligent Cargo Systems join forces to help shipping companies maximise efficiencies!

CargoMate digitally monitors cargo operations directly from your vessel, giving shore-based teams access to live forecasting of cargo completion times, helping to keep vessels on schedule, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in every port, worldwide.

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A Device Onboard

CargoMate is the world’s first digital bayplan giving crew all the information they need to conduct cargo operations safely and efficiently in every port worldwide without restrictions or integration from the port or terminal.

CargoMate replaces the crews’ current paper logbooks and gives them more of the information they need directly in the palm of their hands, increasing efficiency and safety during cargo operations.

The device is weather-proof and comes fully contained in a rugged casing with a global roaming SIM to ensure an always-on data connection in every port, worldwide.

Baplie files are ported onto the device via USB and containers marked for loading or discharge are shown together with special cargo such as IMDG and reefers which are colour coded for ease of reference.

Containers are logged by simply swiping or tapping on the device and crew can access all container information including type, load and discharge port or UN numbers and placards.


A Dashboard Ashore

Shore-based teams have complete visibility of every port call, receiving advance notification of an early departure or delay based on gantry productivity, enabling ships to sail sooner reducing idle time in port.

Shore-based teams rely heavily on communications from the ship and terminal during a port call.

As your crew records each milestone of the vessels’ port call using the CargoMate device, the dashboard is simultaneously updated, together with the forecasted time of cargo operations completion giving shore-based teams complete visibility.

The overview screen has been designed in conjunction with Fleet Managers using traffic light colour coding to share critical port call information including estimated time of cargo operations completion.

Each vessel shows the number of moves completed and the split between loading and discharging moves together with the scheduled departure time.


Total Collaboration

Crew and shore-based teams can share information during every step of the port call enabling a seamless flow of intelligence from ship, shore and terminal giving observational context to port call data.

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